Airport transfer and Car rental

To hire or not to hire a car?That is the question!

You can stay at Corte Ferrari also without a car as small shops are not too far, there is a bus stop, there is the chance to call a taxi or to use the ferry.
So, if holiday means relaxing by the pool, sunbathing, having some nice dinners in the restaurants, then you can avoid to hire a car as you have everything in a short stroll.
By the way, if you want to visit the area, we suggest you to hire a car to avoid to depend on public transport timetable.
Guests who came here without a car said that next time they will rent a car as there is so much to do and to see!!!

Let 's analyse the thing from an economical point of view:
To have an idea of the cost of a transfer:

To have an idea of the cost of hiring a car go to an airport website (google something like:"bergamo airport" or "milan airport") then search for transfers or car rental there.
You will discover that is probably more convenient than you thought!